Bebe Rexha - Sabotage [Behind-the-Scenes]

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Why do I sabotage everything I love?
It’s always beautiful until I f*ck it up
Tell myself I’m safe and lonely,
With nobody else to break my heart
Even though I know you’d never,
I’m my own worst enemy and think you are.
Matches in my back pocket,
I’m the queen of burning bridges I will only let you down
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
It’s always beautiful until I f*ck it up
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
The walls are closing in because I built them up
Why can’t I let myself be happy?
Why do I gotta get in my own way?
My shoes are worn out always runnin
From the reasons that I really wanna stay
Matches in my back pocket,
I’m the queen of burning bridges f
I will only let you down
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
It’s always beautiful until I f*ck it up
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
The walls are closing in because I built them up
So don’t let me hope too high, don’t let me hope to high
Cause I will find a way to tear it down every time
Don’t let me hope too high, when everything is right
Cause I will find a way to tear it down every time
I sabotage everything I love
It’s always beautiful until I f*ck it up
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
It’s always beautiful until I f*ck it up
Why do I sabotage everything I love?
The walls are closing in because I built them up
Why do I sabotage?
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